PlainSail has some fantastic fundamental features that support your core business processes and many detailed features that will make a huge difference to your productivity. We do not like the standard approach to building business applications and hope that you like ours.

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Everything that you need to manage multiple types of entities and their underlying data, presented with clarity and innovative ways to navigate between them.


Define and customise the key data that you want to collect and view. Arrange the information to best suit your needs.


Full contact management. Click on an address to open it in maps or a telephone number to initiate a call.


Detailed audit logs presented in a way that is easy to understand. View every change made to a record and who made them.


We have optimised how you can navigate between clients, with intelligent searches, proactive suggestions and more.

Client view screenshot
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Customer Due Diligence

Imagine a system that follows your procedures, enforces them, adapts seamlessly and keeps you informed every step of the way.

Cdd image


Client take on procedures can be designed to suit your business. Guide users through the most complex requirements with all design tools developed for use by anyone.


Set up useful triggers to suit your business needs anywhere within PlainSail, for example a change in ownership can automatically launch new or enhanced CDD requirements.


View live statistics of outstanding CDD and mine your data for relevant regulatory reporting in seconds.

With ever changing and increasing regulatory requirements the need for a flexible system that can store various forms of digital data, report and be easily monitored is paramount. Our solution affords a whole new way of working.

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Accurate recording of timekeeping can be monotonous, so we have simplified and sped up the process.


Clean, simple to use and efficient timekeeping entry.


Charge between different entities with all possible rate combinations.


Detailed profit metrics to assist in identifying inefficiencies within your business.

Timekeeping screen
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Perfectly suited to Wealth and Corporate Service Providers.

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With a blazing-fast previewer you can flick through client documentation with ease.


Circulate documents internally for approval/electronic signature and receive notifications when they have been actioned.


Low level permissions, external backups, full version history and more.

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A sophisticated and fully functional multi-currency bookkeeping system which is seamlessly integrated with all other client data. The user interface has been carefully designed to improve workflow and several tools are provided to boost productivity.

Chart of Accounts

Fully user configurable. Build your own from scratch or use the pre-configured Chart of Accounts provided. Ledgers may be single or multi-currency and may be tied to various sub-ledgers as defined by the user.


Scenarios allow a single seed transaction to create a complex set of bookkeeping entries over multiple clients if necessary. This vastly increases productivity and reliability where complex and interconnected structures are being processed.

Bank Accounts

Manages and maintains your bank accounts and provides a sophisticated import facility to create bookkeeping entries directly from transactional data provided electronically by your banks.

Other notable features:

- Automatic posting of trading profit on sale of investments.

- Loan management.

- Instantaneous trial balance production at any date and in any currency with multi layering and transactional drill down.

Trial balance and transactions screenshot


We understand that your information is very sensitive internally as well as externally, which is why securing your information is our top priority.

User on laptop

Entity permissions

Change users entity permissions easily with instant effect.

App role security

Underlying SQL databases are secure preventing access from external applications.

Flexible role-based security

Security is role and group based. Create your own security groups, decide which users to put into each group and their role thereby determining which features they can access.


Built using the best design principles and software methodologies so you can be sure of a future-proof investment.

Microsoft Sql Server Database

All data is stored in a secure instance of Sql Server installed on your servers (cloud-based servers can be used as well, if you are happy for your data to live offsite).

Microsoft .NET

Built on the latest version of Microsoft's successful development framework.


Using the Windows Presentation Foundation with industry-standard Model-View-ViewModel screen building techniques.


The application uses multiple threads of execution so that it is always fully-responsive even when data is being saved or loaded.

Dashboard screenshot

A few more features

  • Reports

    Our fully flexible query designer allows you to mine your data easily and save any reports you create.

  • Locations

    A ground breaking way to navigate and locate information.

  • Administration

    Full administrative functionality. Manage all core data, setup new users, view detailed audit trails and more.

  • Health Check

    Comprehensive logging and error management. Any problems can be logged, encrypted, and sent to us for analysis.

  • Notifications

    Full notification centre enabling instant completion of any relevant tasks.

  • Noticeboard

    Message other users and receive automatic messages with information relevant to you.

  • Outlook Widgets

    Dashboard widgets for Mail and Tasks, enabling incoming emails to be viewed, marked as read or deleted.

  • Outlook AddIn

    Save directly to PlainSail from Microsoft Outlook.

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