Why change?

We do not enjoy using crowded, confusing applications and we doubt that you or your staff do either. We understand that not all business professionals are also IT experts, but believe that everybody wants to complete their work as accurately and efficiently as possible.

Imagine if you could simply type "CDD for Claire Smith" and you were taken straight to the due diligence that had been obtained for her. Well, in PlainSail you can do exactly that.

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Simplify how you work

  • It's familiar

    We build our apps to behave like applications users enjoy using in their free time.

  • Get amazing new features

    There are great new features that no other wealth management product offers.

  • It's easy to use

    Innovative features that make PlainSail much simpler to use.

  • Stay at the top

    Built using the latest technologies, we are constantly looking at new ways to innovate.

  • It works how you work

    Our flexible architecture allows you to work your way whilst adapting to any new scenarios that you may meet.

  • Stay secure

    Encrypted pin entry and app role security keeps your PlainSail profile secure.

How PlainSail can accelerate your business

Wealth management applications are complex by their very nature, we have therefore simplified how you view key information.


At the press of a button, launch the Locations facility and find exactly what you are looking for quickly using just the keyboard.

You can type things things like:

"Bookkeeping imports"

"Outstanding CDD"

"Documents for Beechwood Limited"

"Richard Jones"

"Trial balance for 101"

"cdd for 102"

Locations will search for the most appropriate screen or piece of information that you are looking for and take you straight to it - if there are a few choices then take your pick..


Wealth managers often need to look at various clients' data on a day-to-day basis, therefore we have made it incredibly quick for you to navigate between clients and their relevant information. You can access the entity search screen from anywhere in the app at the touch of button.


Viewing a company's documents? We will suggest related entities that you may want to move to next, for instance its directors.


We optimise our search results, for example entities that you regularly select will appear higher than those you rarely access.


Working on a client regularly? You can 'favourite' your entities, which will remain pinned to the sidebar for easy access.


Navigate back and forward between entities using only the keyboard.


There are certain actions you may need to perform anywhere in the app, often right when you are in the middle of another piece of work, accordingly we have made certain popular features available throughout.


You receive important notifications in an un-intrusive way. Clicking on a notification will take you straight to the screen where you can deal with it and then return to what you were doing.


Important tasks can be performed within the PlainSail Action Centre, for instance, create client notes, lookup and view documents.


We do not have copious pages of help content, but every screen has a help content that can be viewed whilst you work. Productivity hints and other key bits of information improve performance.

PlainSail keeps you in the loop with anything that you may need to know about, depending on your role.


We have created a dashboard which can be fully customised according to your requirements to give you a centralised view of information key to you.


You can select from a range of widgets, certain widgets have a private mode to hide sensative information such as incoming emails.


If you need a widget to connect to another data source we can build it for you.


PlainSail can be configured to fit your corporate brand, you can change the background and we can set key colours for you.

This is no way to work..

Poorly designed business applications have a very negative effect on productivity and operating costs.

✗ Increased IT support

How many calls currently made to your IT team relate to a user not being able to complete a task, as opposed to an actual technical problem?

✗ Increased training

Unintuitive, poorly designed applications necessitate higher levels of training and management resource.

✗ Low morale

Using a system that you do not enjoy for 8 hours a day can only have a demotivating effect on your users and negatively impact their performances.

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