An elegant timekeeping solution that allows you to quickly input new time records, manage the process of handling time sheets for Human Resources/Finance department and view detailed metrics of how your time is being spent.

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Optimised for quick entry so that you spend less time inputting and more time completing tasks.


You can input new time records anywhere within PlainSail, the current client you are working on is automatically selected and you can quickly select recent clients and activities.


There is a clean simple view of your week with a breakdown of how you are spending your time and whether or not you are meeting your chargeable time goals.


You can repeat entries for a period for example, you can enter and submit a holiday period instantly.


You can submit a selection of entries for quick invoicing or submit a whole week in one go.

Human resources

Track timesheet submissions, identify staff who have recorded over or under their time and process entries with ease.


Clear reports of submitted or pending timesheets, quick filters and the ability to easily drill down to view individual submissions in greater detail.


You can click to remind a selection of users to submit their timesheets or if you reject them they will be automatically notified.


Update working hours, reject timesheets, change the status of individual entries and much more.

Profit metrics

View detailed statistics to assist in identifying inefficiencies within your business and improve productivity.


View broad statistics of where staff members' time is being spent and the chargeable efficiency of their efforts.


Select any period and any selection of users to produce on demand live statistics.


View the efficiency of the time being spent on clients and where there is an excess of time being spent on non-chargeable activities.


Every aspect is highly configurable so you can account for all scenarios.


You can charge to and from multiple entities and easily process entries for invoicing.


Create user rate bands, activity rates, client rates and override any combination, it offers complete flexibility.


Configure the timeframe in a unit to fit how you work.

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