When designing an integrated solution we focused on how we could optimise the storage of documents specifically for Wealth Managers and Corporate Service Providers.

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PlainSail allows you to quickly locate and view documents.


With a blazing-fast previewer you can flick through client documentation with ease, it supports:

.pdf, xlsx, docx, doc, xps, gif, png, msg and more.


Perform advanced searches over all documents you have permission to see and locate client correspondence quickly by searching for all emails sent to or from an address.


You can save documentation to separate multiple entities but view them together, an example would be viewing all of the documents relating to a whole customer group in one listing.


We have streamlined common associated tasks so that you can quickly move onto your next piece of work.


There is a full history of document versions enabling you to easily rollback to a previous version and view the change comments from other users. If however you are frequently editing a document, you can set it to just keep the latest two versions.


Simply right click to email a document, send internally to another user, or you can copy files from PlainSail and paste them straight into Windows Explorer.


Pin notes to any document to add further information without affecting the contents of the document.


Documents you circulate will never be misplaced or forgotten about again.


Type notes against any type of document in order to provide further details to benefit other users.


Select the other User(s) that you wish to approve or digitally sign the document and click send. To make sure that the document is returned to you as quickly as possible it is sent it to each recipient simultaneously.


Circulate a document and you can follow its progress or cancel the circulation at any point. PlainSail will prompt you when each party has approved or rejected it.


The ease of transferring digital documentation / correspondence and the sheer volume of files that need to be digitally filed is ever growing, accordingly we have optimised how you can save documents.


Our Outlook AddIn allows you to save straight to a client file, you can even select an option to prompt you to save when you send outgoing emails.

Filing Tray

Scan documents straight to your filing tray. We have made the process as quick as possible for you to save them to a client and you can select multiple clients to which a single document might relate and also preview the contents.

Automatic filing

If you have a different source of documents PlainSail can be configured to receive and automatically file documents from various sources.


Making sure documentation is structured consistently, is easily exportable, backed-up and secure is of critical importance, so here are some tools that we have created for you.


Enforce business level protocols to make sure that your users save documents in accordance with your own strict protocols thereby keeping your client documentation records consistent.


We have developed a high speed exporter which may be configured to export your files in a manner of your choosing. It uses all available processing cores in parallel and the optimum amount of concurrent threads to reach fantastically rapid export speeds.

Access and Security

Documents are stored securely and efficiently inside PlainSail which ensures that access to documents are controlled centrally in accordance with an individual user’s permissions. They are not accessible via Windows Explorer and they certainly cannot be deleted, moved or changed outside of the full system control and audit trail.

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