Your clients are the most important part of your business. Knowing and understanding them is the key to providing excellent service whilst being compliant with the ever increasing legal and regulatory requirements. PlainSail contains features and functions designed to improve the client experience and allow you to provide reliable and impressive service.

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Every aspect of PlainSail is tightly integrated so that you can find what you are looking for quickly and efficiently.


All entity types are centralised: Individuals, Companies, Trusts, Foundations and so on. Recording these together allows the entities to be grouped together into logical units and an entity may be enrolled into several groups as the need arises.


All aspects of a client's information is close to hand, allowing you to rapidly find what you are looking for.


We have brilliant navigation tools that allow you to quickly flick between entities and view their underlying information.


Centralising all entities makes for very efficient searching functionality, avoid searching several places to locate a named person or corporate entity.


Every entity seamlessly connects.


Entities are invariably connected to other entities and this is reflected using Relationships. For example, companies have beneficial owners, directors and so forth. Relationships can also be used to define agreements with third parties and much more.


Once entities are connected you can click to navigate through client structures, generate reports and perform CDD checklists when relationships are created or changed.

Customer Due Diligence

Completely customisable allowing you to define your own relationships and create any CDD checklists you determine.


Our contact management is flexible, easy to use and lets you quickly communicate with a recipient.


Click on a location and it will open in maps, an email address to open a new email or even initiate a telephone call.


Link address verification to an address for easy viewing.


You can link clients to common addresses and any edits made to an address are reflected throughout all relevant clients.


Locating client correspondence has never been simpler.


You can just click "From" or "To" on any email address and view a full listing of all emails that you are permitted to view.


All emails saved to PlainSail can be previewed without opening Outlook.


You can save straight from Microsoft Outlook to PlainSail.


A comprehensive, easily accessible audit trail.


View all historical data, recording all significant changes, actions and the users involved.


All information is easily accessible and cleanly presented in accordance with user permissions.

Under the bonnet

Management can view even greater levels of detail including each session a specific user connected to PlainSail, all of the tasks they carried out and any changes they made.

And more...

Here are a few other notable features.


Powerful facilities for managing share records including percentage ownership and functionality to record nominee relationships.


Manage various types of loans between different entities.

Bank accounts

Manages and maintains your bank accounts and provides a sophisticated import facility to create bookkeeping entries directly from transactional data provided electronically by your banks.


Manage investments with automatic posting of profit and loss.

Statutory registers

All standard statutory registers are readily available.

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