Customer Due Diligence

Our tools allow you to create full take on procedures and customer due diligence requirements to meet your policies and procedures. All forms of manually or digitally obtained due diligence can be stored in a highly structured and reportable format.

There are innovative ways to define your procedures and follow a risk based approach of your choosing. No developer skills are required enabling the key compliance personnel in your organisation to have the ability to define and implement rules with instant effect.

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A bespoke solution created and managed by you without the need for any software development skills.


Easy to use tools to define your exact requirements.


Complete flexibility for you to define exactly the kind of data you require, this could be a physical document, a number, an address, an expiry date, textual explanation and many more.


You can insert blocks of guidance anywhere within the procedures to help guide users and provide detailed explanations.


You can create reactive questions, for example if your 'Standard CDD' inventory includes the question 'Is the individual a PEP?' you can trigger the answer 'Yes' to automatically request them to complete enhanced due diligence.


Enforce rules across your organisation, an example of this would be a change of ownership could automatically launch new or enhanced CDD requirements for the owner and an internal review of the underlying company.


There are various trigger points throughout PlainSail which allow you to achieve a great level of control over your organisation. You can finely tune them allowing all scenarios to be accounted for, which approach ensures your users always follow the correct procedures.


All relevant users are notified when their attention is required, for example if a World Check search is required you could set this to be assigned to your Take On team, each member would then receive a notification and it would be clearly identified as missing until they had obtained it.


Once requirements have been triggered a report will clearly identify any deficiencies enabling you to monitor.


It's quick and easy to adapt, for example if you decide you now require a CV for all protectors of a trust such policy can be implemented and enforced in a matter of seconds.

All missing information is clearly identified, significantly reducing the risk of requirements being accidently overlooked.


You are always in control, you can view broad live statistics or refine them and see exactly which entities have missing requirements, view who is in charge of obtaining them and establish an exact percentage of how much they have completed.

Live statistics

Detailed statistics of any outstanding requirements and who has met such requirements and who has not, helping you to identify any gaps or trends and get to the root cause.


As well as broad statistics you can mine down further and identify particular clients and users to address specific issues.


You are kept in the loop with any relevant information depending on your role, this ensures you are always aware of any significant actions across your organisation. You control who receives these notifications.


Innovative features make it very quick for you to perform a compliance review and identify the key pieces of customer due diligence you have or have not obtained, any risk factors and much more.


You can pin key requirements so that they are easily accessible and visible on the Entity's profile. Once it is pinned it is clearly displayed and can be quickly opened, for example if it is a document you can just click it and view, or clicking a tax advisor will navigate you to the their profile.


You can easily mine data and create fully definable listings, for example it would be easy to create a report that listed 'All German beneficiaries that had adverse Google search results'.


You can select the information relevant to you by setting which categories you wish to appear on the entity profile screen. For example, if you are only interested in seeing 'Risk Factors' they will always appear there.

This approach can be applied to almost any scenario and is limited only by your imagination making PlainSail flexible, responsive to changing requirements and easily adaptable to different areas of your business.

  • Mandates thoroughness

  • Flexibility

  • Achieves compliance

  • Works how you work

  • Easily adapt to new requirements

  • No development skills required

  • Clear summaries of missing information

  • Report for regulatory and internal purposes

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