How we work

Our key focus is to create applications that are future-proof and solid from the ground up. We do this by applying leading design principles and following industry-standard software methodologies including test-driven development and Agile.

We pride ourselves on developing applications that our users will really enjoy using and we care about each user's individual experience. That is why every area of PlainSail allows you to provide suggestions, feedback and feature requests. Together we can make PlainSail even better for you.

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Our Board of Directors

  • Sam Bryans

    Sam holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Software Engineering from the University of the West of England.

    He has previous experience of developing business applications for the finance sector and working closely with end users to optimise their experience. View Sam Bryans' profile on LinkedIn
  • Rob Kent

    Rob has been a web developer for twenty years, consulting for national and multinational companies.

    His experience of building large N-tier and cloud-based applications has fed into the design and development of PlainSail's architecture. View Rob Kent's profile on LinkedIn
  • Elliot Hamlin

    Elliot is a lawyer with a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Bristol, an LPC and LLM from the University of Law and an LLM in International Law from Queen Mary University of London.

    His experience of working in a regulatory framework has shaped PlainSail's risk based approach and subsequent functionality. View Elliot Hamlin's profile on LinkedIn

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